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The Invisible Man Slot Review

The Invisible Man is known from science fiction, and this game is based on a movie made on the subject, which was released in 1933. Licensed games are prevalent in online casinos, and the story of the invisible man, which fueled people's imagination, has always fascinated minds.

Now the same fascinating world can also be accessed at an online casino, where NetEnt has created a slot game based on a story.

The game features Jack Griffin, the main character of the original film and book, who manages to create a serum that can turn a person invisible.

The mad scientist, of course, tries it on himself, as is always done in the movies, and the result is not particularly successful for other people. A man loses his mind and becomes a crazy murderer who starts killing people around his place of residence.

Slot Features

Video slot
Release Date:
November 10, 2013
The Invisible Man RTP:
5 by 3
Win Potential:
Bet Range:
$0.2 - $100
All devices
Other features:
Free spins, multipliers, scatters, cascading win, and wild symbol

How To Play The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man, which is a very nicely created slot game, is based on this intimate and creepy theme. Its gloomy appearance and ever-present nagging tension will make the player look over his shoulder if he happens to be playing alone in the dark.

So there's plenty of excitement in a high-quality game environment where there's plenty to do, especially when you get to the bonus mission. The player's task is to find the invisible man, and it's not as easy as you might think.

The guy can stay hidden because no one can see him, and the player only has clues to follow. The detective story is made almost in the spirit of Sherlock Holmes, which requires the ability to reason and the will to find the murderer.

Of course, the main prize awaits the one who catches that madman, so you should try your luck when there is a decent pot on offer. We decided to take this great work for a review, so let's see what we found in the game's secrets.

The Invisible Man is already brilliantly executed from its base game. NetEnt is a game studio whose works you can always trust because they have the right quality and gaming experience in the very basics. The game's symbols are the residents of the inn and of course, Griffin and the police chasing him.

The police and the Griffin act as wild symbols, which bring a really fun addition to the base game and, by extension, more wins. We will return to that in more detail in the bonus game section. The familiar five reels and three lines are also included in this slot game, so everyone who has played at an online casino recognizes the game model.

There are only 20 paylines, but the additional features make up for their scarcity.

The key features of the slot comprise:

  • 5 reels and three rows
  • 20 paylines locked
  • Bet levels: €0.20 – €100
  • Return rate 96.4%
  • Police Wilds
  • Griffin Wilds
  • Moving wilds
  • Police Spins
  • Griffin’s Rage bonus game
  • Free spins

The excitement and waiting atmosphere that dominates the entire game has been nicely captured in this basic game. The player has to wait if he meets the murderer and the sweat cranberries rise on his forehead when the free spins start. The bonus game only raises the excitement to the ceiling, and we'll tell you more about that next.

Keep in mind that The Invisible Man slot gratis version doesn’t bring any winnings.


How to Win Playing The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man has brilliantly received additional features, where NetEnt is always superior. In this slot game, the player gets to see combinations of the most popular additional features, and, for example, wilds have amazing features. When Police Wild and Griffin Wild hit the same row, the party starts for the player. That is when the free spins start, and there are plenty of events in them.

Griffin's Rage is an actual bonus game in which you move to chase Jack. The player moves from one building to another, and his task is to find monetary winnings or multiplier increases behind the objects in the rooms.

The bonus game continues until the player gets a bomb for the third time, at which point the bonus game ends. An additional entertaining feature where the bonus game does not end with the first pass, but the player has three possibilities and three different buildings from which the winning pot can be increased.

This bonus game has a real sense of adventure and quickly transports you into the world of the murderer.

Indian slot machine Invisible Man with free spins offer

The Invisible Man Free Spins

In the amazing free spins, both wilds are included; if they hit the same line again, there will be more rounds. The player collects points from both wilds on the level meter, and if either meter is full, the actual bonus game starts. It's on target, but the free spins can get massive jackpots when there are plenty of wilds.


Slot Conclusion

The Invisible Man is one of the best-themed games we've come across in our reviews. Its atmosphere is palpable, and the tension keeps intensifying with each round.

Here is a good choice for free spins, which online casinos freely give out in connection with deposits, so you should remember this game. We have good casino bonuses, and the online casinos we represent are always of the best quality.

Every time you go to one of our casinos, you will definitely find this game because NetEnt is involved in every casino here.

There are also good welcome bonuses at every online casino; we have researched them carefully before reaching our site. Now put on your detective hat and follow the mad scientist who is already stalking his next victim.

Are you the savior of the situation, who leaves the crime scene with money in the game account, or will the hunt continue in the next game?

You can only find out by getting to know one of the most amazing slot games that has been brought to the market for a long time. Now there's a simple recipe for you just to pick up some quality bonus and go play The Invisible Man slot machines, which might take the faint of heart out of sleep, but the winners do enjoy sleep, so good luck to everyone.


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  • Can I play The Invisible Man for free?

    The fans of The Invisible Man slot free would enjoy all the benefits as the game is available in the free mode.

  • Can I win real money on The Invisible Man slot?

    Of course. It’ll not make a problem if gambling for real money.

  • What is the best place to play The Invisible Man?

    Any reliable and licensed casino that you have no doubts about.

  • Can I play The Invisible Man slot on mobile phone?

    Yes, mobile gambling on the go is available for the game.

The fans of The Invisible Man slot free would enjoy all the benefits as the game is available in the free mode.